Montri Lerdsuwansri


Food Reel

  • Wall’s - WO 7-11

  • RIO-revolution

  • Sajiku-Tepung Bumbu

  • Sajiku-Nasi goreng

  • Ajinomoto-Tebu Dir’s cut

  • Ajinomoto-Uma Dir’s cut

    • Rosdee-menu

    • Rosdee-Demo

    • Kecap-Secret Dir’s cut

    • Kecap- Testimonial

  • Kecap- Thematic

  • Fortune oil-fish

    • KFC-egg tart

    • McDonald’s-Sakana

    • McDonald’s-Crazy

    • McDonald’s- Lucky

    • McDonald’s-fresh Dir’s cut

    • Mister Donut-Pon de shake


    • MISTER DONUT-Memory

    • Auntie Anne’s

    • Auntie Anne’s-Hit

    • Pizza Hut- Opera

    • Pizza Hut- Son

    • Taro-Sausage

    Director Bio

    With a background in Communications, Arts, and Creative Workshop.Montri began his career in 1986 at one of the big Production House in Art department. There he was afforded the opportunity to take a comprehensive role and gain a large body of experience by working as in 1990 numberous of music video script writer,1 and half year in advertising agency art director, 3 years production designer, and as director freelance for production companies such as Dimention films , First unit , AD. Production , And more.

    In 1994 Montri founded Open Up Film, one of the archive commercial Production Companies, sought to archive new and creativity in commercial career, his most recent projects for Thailand, McDonald’s with Burnett, Mister donut with Idea Avenue, Pediatric cardiac surgery foundation with Burnett, Dentsu, Hakuhodo, and countries around Asia Pacific, include spot for close-up tooth paste with Lowe Shanghai, Panasonic with Grey China, Clear/Rexona with Lowe Jakarta, Mc donald’s with Burett Singapore,Lux with JWT Phillipine.

    Montri won many awards for his efforts at Open Up Film, TACT Award (Top Advertising Contest of Thailand Awards), BAD Award ( Bangkok Art Directors Association), AD FEST ( Asia Pacific Advertising Festival ), and nominated by media