Achieving the perfect film incorporating ideas and techniques. During our more than 15 years experience, we have continued to accumulate numerous accolades and awards both nationally and internationally.

Today Openup potential hoes beyond just the Thai film industry, we are also able to serve the international film industry and deliver the standard expected such as china Indonesia Philippines Singapore Vietnam etc.

Art department , Set design, Props, Mock-ups

Perfected our techniques in creation sets, building mock-ups, miniature effects, animatronics and special effect etc with arts and crafts ideal.

Over 10,000 props that to create and fulfill the perfect set and interior design.

Casting & Costume

Our Casting Department most suitable talents for your requirements. To portray believable characters.

Wardrobe team can design and produce whatever you need.

Post Production

Editing Room : Avid editing system suitable for commercial and full length feature film. Together a talented editor.

Shooting in Thailand

With the experience gained from working with foreign production companies and the ability to minimize budget expenditure, Thailand is fast has become the center for the film industry in South East Asia. If you want to make a film in Thailand, contact OPEN UP.